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The Fourth Day

Where blood is no thicker than water.
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 Application: Karuka

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Soulless Dragon
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PostSubject: Application: Karuka   Application: Karuka I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 8:56 pm

Name: Karuka
Species: Drakh'wagl
Age: 17
Appearance: A tall woman (6'4") with a slim build excluding the thighs, upper arms, shoulders and upper wing(back) muscles which are or a larger size in comparison to the rest of her body. Her body is covered in mottled olive-green and brown scales with claws on her hands and feet, teeth mostly sharp with lime coloured, cat-like eyes. She has long black hair which spills down her body to about mid torso length with folded wings on her back. She wears a traditional dress for her people which is made of bands of leather criss-crossingly woven together, she also has several packs including certain weaponry attached to a thick section of the dress at the waist.
Weapons: A very large (2.1m long) composite longbow using the materials iron, horn and wood to create a very large amount of force when fully drawn which is strong enough to be incapable of drawing for nearly all humans, giving it a long, accurate range, the bow is covered in a weaving of her hair which protects the wood and naturals glues from damp that can break it apart (this design of bow takes years to make and is made per person traditionally), the bow can be stowed on the back through a loop in the dress. A fully wood spear (3m long) with both ends of the spear sharpened in a process which involves heating the wood then hammering it until its hard and compressed, the spear also has a slot to stay in on the back of the dress. 24 arrows (each over 0.9m long) which have the same hardening process to the tips and are held in two quivers which attach to the waist and have covers so that arrows don't fall out during air maneuvers. A 30cm iron hunting knife with a curved blade sheathed in a wood sheath, also attached to the waist.
Powers: Breathing fire, unaffected by fire and high temperatures.
Personality: Kind and gentle to those she sees as children and 'innocents' while also quick to defend against those she cares about. She tries to keep a stoic nature around others she doesn't trust so that they don't know what she is thinking.
Family: Orphan, for all she knows they are all dead, (she has an uncle still alive and hidden, though she doesn't know of him being alive).
Backstory: She was raised in a village, learning under the path of the hunter where she learned to hunt and track. When she was 9 her village was attacked and she fled with her mother away from the village, her father dying in the process of trying to evacuate his family. When her and her mother came back the village was gone and then they went a on a journey searching for any members of their race, and along the way Karuka learned all her mother knew of the path of the weaver. 6 years after the loss of her village, her mother died of a sickness leaving Karuka alone since.

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Karuka   Application: Karuka I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 3:40 pm

Alright, she's approved.

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Application: Karuka
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