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The Fourth Day

Where blood is no thicker than water.
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"part of me prefers just thinking Links a dumbass. if i wanted to summon the apocalypse and destroy Hyrule id built a little fence around myself and theres not a god damn thing he can do about it" - Naomi
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PostSubject: SUPERLATEAPPLICATION: Aero   SUPERLATEAPPLICATION: Aero I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2012 5:25 pm

Name: Aero (Full name, Aeroliae)

Age: 16

Species: Gieru (their equivalent of albino)

Appearance: Aero is 5'4". She has a fair complexion with very light freckling on her shoulders. Her eyes are a light greyish-blue, and her tailbone-length hair is a bright blonde. She has a spindly physique, and is suited more for speed than strength. She nearly always keeps her hair tied back, though she experiments often with different ways of doing so. The most common way of tying her hair back is by simply tying a band around the bottom-most few inches of her hair.

Weapons: She specializes in archery, though she's not used to using it in actual combat. The most she's used those skills for previously was hunting, which she's developed a very honed talent for. She also carries a secondary weapon-- a small poisoned dagger which used to belong to Necruta years ago, and was given to her as a parting gift after they first met. The Poison of Eternal Sleep, as it's called, causes the victim to essentially fall into a comatose state until water is splashed upon their face. In addition, she has very weak air-manipulation powers. The most she can form is a breeze.

Background: Aero was born in the same small nation to the south as Calcifer. Upon Calcifer's initiation into the military, he often went door-to-door slaughtering as many people as he could as ordered. When Aero was nine when he killed her parents, though they hid her so that she wasn't found before he left. She watched her parents die. Later, as Calcifer was, she was kidnapped and forced into the military. Ironically, she was placed into the same 'squadron' as Calcifer, being forced to work with him (and his even more violent, random bouts of anger than he has now with which he would actually physically harm her, usually by hitting her) until she fled (only months before he decided to as well) the war-ravaged nation.
From that point, she met a large series of people, including Necruta, Yuki, Ruul, and Darc. Guess who else showed up? A certain ill-tempered fire mage. Again. This time, it was solely by accident. After his fight with Erebus (the one which placed scarring on his knee), he stumbled into the Kokiri Forest where Aero, Necruta, and Tazzak were staying temporarily. Injured and seen as a threat, Necruta and Tazzak managed to ambush him and tie him to a tree, where later he was ordered to aid the party in defeating a rabid pack of Wolfos. In the end, he managed to stay within the group without much trouble, considering he and Aero did nearly no talking when others were around. This was also because it wasn't until a long time afterwards that she admitted to Ruul, who'd developed to be quite the friend, what the deal was with them. Together, the group managed to defeat a demon that had been ravaging Hyrule named BEN, and disbanded for four years, unexpectedly being reunited.

Personality: Aero is warm and kindhearted. Most of the time she is introverted in the sense that she isn't outspoken but with people that she is immensely comfortable around. She tries to be open to everyone, even if they are rude or hateful, as she's developed a patience with these kinds of qualities from befriending Calcifer. (They're close because they were the only people they had to be around for a long while and, with both of them suffering the loss of family, essentially became family to one another. This is the reason he is so protective of her through his actions and malice towards others that behave in a less-than-satisfactory manner to her.) She is a very determined individual and won't hesitate to do something for a friend, even if it means putting herself in danger or causing herself pain. She often takes on the role of a mediator to the best of her abilities, and serves as a mentor for Calcifer's temper, trying to provide comfort and a means to talk things out.
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