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The Fourth Day

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 Zelda RP: Calcifer

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PostSubject: Zelda RP: Calcifer   Zelda RP: Calcifer I_icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 2:34 am

Name: Calcifer

Species: Gieru

Age: 22

(Note: This image is of him with long hair, which he lacks in the timeline of this roleplay. However, he is letting his hair grow back, and it is now long enough to tie into a very short, high pony-tail. This image also lacks the pointed ears that he has. If you're familiar with that of a Hyleans, the Gieru species has slightly longer ears than that. He also doesn't usually look this... docile.)
He is slender with very slight muscle tone. He's 5'9" and also has bad scarring on his left shoulder and some light scarring on the back of his left knee. The shoulder scarring is from a quarral in which a sword was put through him and twisted, while the leg scarring is from a battle with the same individual. A bomb arrow was used unexpectadly and damaged the limb in that area.

Weapons/Abilities: At a time in his young life, he was pretty good with a bludgeon, though he no longer carries one. He's currently training his hand-to-hand combat, but specializes in the practices of fire creation and manipulation. Being a Gieru, which is a desert-dwelling elf-like race, he was born with the natural abilities of a fire mage.

Background: Calcifer was born in a war-sticken nation far to the South in the vast deserts there. Two royal families were feuding over land and power and started a massive civil war. In the process, many young people were kidnapped from their families which wished to remain out of the fight and had nowhere to go. Calcifer was one of these unfortunate children, however, he was kidnapped after running away from home and, suprisingly, after killing his only elder brother in a fit of rage. After the war had killed off the majority of the population and the last Royal was left to dominate what was left of the country, he fled to the East, meeting Ruul and (for the second time) Aero, as well as Necruta and other party members. After leaving them for a time, he came across a Shade who he befriended (and who also happens to be the guy who gave him those scars). After an extended period of time, they were forcably parted by the wishes of the Shade. It left Calcifer in a state of severe emotional distress, as the other was his only true friend he had ever had. He mourned as though someone dear had died-- and ironically, it was as if he were paying for the lack of emotion carried with the passing of his actual brother. In this state, he cut his hair in symbolism of starting over, relenquishing his past, and expressing the sinserest of apolgies to the Shade. The whereabouts of this individual are still unknown, and Calcifer's feelings towards him are potently mixed. He still cares for him, yet expresses extreme bitter emotion for him because of the state in which they parted.

Personality: Calcifer can be very socially distant, cold, and downright arrogant. He looks down upon people until they prove themselves important, intelligent, or strong enough to be worthy of his respect. For people that are better than him-- mostly in the area of strength and superiority-- he envys with a passion and will strive as much as he can in order to surpass said person. However, this isn't to say that he lacks the ability to care for anyone. The easiest way to put into words his feelings for individuals he genuinely cares for would be "tsundere". He tries extraordinarily hard to hide the fact that he has positive feelings towards anyone, and most wouldn't even catch that he does because of the way he acts around those people. Even in what he takes as acts of kindness, he does so in bitterness.

Other: He is also a very bad liar. Many of his emotions can be easily read, apart from the circumstances stated above, because of the way he expresses his emotions nearly subconsiously. He does this with his ears, which can move in a variety of ways-- twitch, perk up, and be pulled down as well as back. Calcifer's also a blusher. He blushes very easily when irritated, angry, or embarrassed, and his ears flush along with his cheeks.
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Zelda RP: Calcifer
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