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The Fourth Day

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 Game of Life characters

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PostSubject: Game of Life characters   Game of Life characters I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 31, 2012 3:22 am

Aero is considering making an FD adaptation of this song using our RP characters, and we could use some help coming up with characters that fit the bill. The characters can be from any RP involving at least three FD members, between the time of FD's creation and now. Basically any RP affiliated with us.

Here's the list Aero and I came up with:
1- Garrin
2- Calcifer, Jekren, Fennec?
3- Erebus, Cade,
4- Kaia, Necruta, Ruul,
5- Fennec, Yuki,
6- Fenrir?, Gieru King, Champion in the Pokemon RP
7- Ruul's mother, Aero,
8- Mobe, Fenrir,
9- Necruta, Darc's Pokemon char,
10- Corrigan,
11- Zai, Nicodemus, Cain, Calcifer, Chaos,

Game of Life characters Ralts_10Game of Life characters Ralts_10Game of Life characters Ralts_10
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Game of Life characters
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