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 Application Kalulu

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PostSubject: Application Kalulu   Application Kalulu I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 7:56 pm

Name: Kalulu
Species: Kitsune
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Appearance: Fox Form: a small white fox with green eyes and a black patch of fur around her right eye.

Backstory: Not much is known about Kalulu. She lived peacefully in a forest with her brother. The twins were unusual in the Kitsune community because they were born with their first tail, something that had never happened before. While they had their first tail, none of the powers came with it. They were bestowed with their second tail in recognition for valor in combat against a natural born enemy the Oni resulting in the preservation of many kitsune lives.

Type: Forest/Wild (Advantages: Can easily find herbs and roots for salves and can find food)

Personality: Quiet and serene, she watches those around her. Once satisfied or bored with what she sees, she become playful and mischievous.

Feeding: When feeding she withers trees, feeding from the wood and the plants around her. Animals in the vicinity would weaken.

Healing: When she wishes to heal, she must expend energy. Since she expends energy to heal she becomes more desperate for essence, and has to feed much sooner.

Powers: Fox-Fire: She can produce lightning or fire by rubbing her tails. This becomes a melee weapon. She can also breath fire, to a limited range, about five feet or less. She can also create small balls of fire, and use these as lights, thrown weapons, or as playtoys.

Kitsune Ball: She can create small balls of focused power. These balls look like small, white spheres that can easily be mistaken for a child's toy. These balls are a focus for her abilities. She enjoys playing with this ball, and use it as a focus for some of her magics. However, since she is immature, this Kitsune needs to be near a forest to replenish the energy in her ball, sometimes for several days.

Shapeshifting- She can transform into humans (Only if she has come into contact with them first, such as them bending down to pet her). While she gains their shape, voice, abilities, memories, and items, she can only maintain the form for a time of five minutes and can only take that specific form once a day. She can retain the knowledge of the forms of the people she touches.

(Note: The only noticeable difference between the original form and the form the Kitsune assumes is the Kitsune retains their tails and ears because their transformation ability is immature due to their age, also resulting in the time limit.)

Speaking: She cannot speak in her fox form, however if she were to touch a person’s skin with her tail she creates a temporary mental link to allow her to speak in their mind. Once contact is broken, the link is severed.

About Kitsunes: Kitsune aid each other, helping their clan and showing a united front.

2) Kitsune respond to what they see around them. When a kitsune sees what they consider an act against their code of ethics, they will aggravate the situation. They will respond favourably to what they consider a 'moral' act. If a kitsune is treated well, they will respond in kind, and may even go out of their way to aid their friend, while if they are treated poorly, they become extremely spiteful.

3) Kitsune try to follow their promises and personal word of honor. If a kitsune breaks their word, or somehow dishonors themselves, they become very self-distructive. A kitsune's emotions are a weapon against a kitsune. Sorrow or guilt can paralyze them, and in the most extreme, it can kill them. A kitsune can be blinded from the darker side of a person by being treated well, and will be loathe to harm or work against those they have declared friends.

4) Kitsune are will not accept unwilling charity. Those who wish to help kitsune must do so of their own free will. Kitsune are loath to ask for help, and will not accept help that is not freely given.

5) Kitsune are emotional and very vengeful. Kitsune will lose their temper at the slightest provocation. Once someone has earned a kitsune's enmity, the kitsune will begin enacting revenge that can become quite extreme. On the other hand, those who have earned a kitsune's trust and loyalty will see a friendship that can last through many trials.

6) Freedom is very important to the kitsune. They do not accept being forced into something they do not wish, and do not like being bound or trapped. Doing so weakens the kitsune, and is frowned upon by other kitsune.
( If a kitsune is to be in a position of servitude, this requires that the kitsune has either been bound spiritually, or owes someone a dept or favour. Otherwise, other kitsune may appear to torment the 'owner', or if the kitsune is unwilling to gaint their freedom, punish the kitsune.)

With the kitsune, instead, the concept of right and wrong becomes the deciding factor. What they consider 'right', or 'wrong', though, depends on the culture, the region the kitsune's in.

Kitsune follow their own code of ethics, though they adapt the morals of those around them, more for the sake of being accepted than for any other reason. They can be both allies and enemies to the mortals around them. If someone offends what a kitsune considers 'correct', they can become evil, malicious, and disruptive. If someone behaves according to their ethics, they will become polite, kind, and helpful.

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PostSubject: Re: Application Kalulu   Application Kalulu I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 9:39 pm


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Application Kalulu
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