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Where blood is no thicker than water.
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"part of me prefers just thinking Links a dumbass. if i wanted to summon the apocalypse and destroy Hyrule id built a little fence around myself and theres not a god damn thing he can do about it" - Naomi
Welcome to the Fourth Day, where everything's made up and the points don't matter.
That's right, the points are like Drae's opinion.
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PostSubject: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 11:35 pm

This is posted directly from the chatbox archives. I was too lazy to water it down.

[16:04:19] @ SeaPanda : Grandma will do something, in some form, verbally attack someone, and when Megan tries to talk to her mother about it, the thing she says is "She has Alzhiemer's" and therefore, we must let her do as she wishes, because of this.
[16:04:22] @ SeaPanda : BUT.....
[16:04:23] @ SeaPanda : BUUUUUUUUUUUT.
[16:04:39] @ Draezeth : =_=
[16:04:44] @ SeaPanda : If her grandmother does something TO Megan, says something to Megan, or says something about Megan, or says Megan did something, everyone fucking harasses her,.
[16:05:13] @ Draezeth : <=(
[16:05:30] @ Catspirit123 : so Yuki's mom knows megan's grandma irl? That's the part I'm on
[16:05:43] @ SeaPanda : Lawl.
[16:05:48] @ Darc : ...
[16:05:49] @ Darc : wut
[16:06:08] @ Darc : Cat... You have collapsed all logic.
[16:06:12] @ SeaPanda : She gets verbally abused by her grandfather, and her mother and stepfather, and they're like "Did you forget that your grandmother has Ahlziemer's?" And I'm like "Did YOU forget she has Ahlziemers? She says this shit BECAUSE she has Alhziemers. Not because it's true."
[16:06:22] @ Catspirit123 : because it's like..........wat
[16:06:34] @ Draezeth : Why are parents... so stupid?
[16:06:43] @ Draezeth : I feel blessed to have mine. TTuTT
[16:06:46] @ SeaPanda : Her grandmother told someone that Megan deleted all the phone numbers out of her phone and then smashed it.
[16:06:51] @ SeaPanda : Everyone got furious at her.
[16:07:02] @ Darc : Drae, I could answer that, but it'll only serve to incite a bit more rage.
[16:07:28] @ Catspirit123 : tell me about it. My parents let me work on a boat when I was like, 6 weeks old
[16:07:32] @ SeaPanda : What actually happened is: I sat on the phone, and the flippy part and the outside screen broke (Flipphones suck), and her grandmother doesn't know the difference between a Recent Called List and an Address Book.
[16:07:35] @ Catspirit123 : never saw them again
[16:07:55] @ SeaPanda : So when Megan tried to tell the truth, she gets harassed like times ten and gets told "Don't talk back, don't lie, go apologize to your grandmother"
[16:07:56] @ Draezeth : o_o
[16:08:07] @ Draezeth : Fuck.
[16:08:09] @ Darc : ...
[16:08:14] * Darc facepalms
[16:08:23] @ Darc : I'm going to need a bigger blade.
[16:08:27] @ Draezeth : I. HATE it when they pull that "Don't talk back" bullshit.
[16:08:38] @ Draezeth : They always do it
[16:08:38] @ SeaPanda : So her grandmother gets to do whatever she wants to anyone, and use the Ahlziemers as an excuse. NOBODY gets in trouble, unless Megan is the victim, and then everyone harasses her and goes "why would you treat your grandmother like that"
[16:08:40] @ SeaPanda : And the best part.
[16:08:50] @ SeaPanda : Megan doesn't even say GOOD MORNING to her grandmother anymore.
[16:08:53] * Darc gets out a Zasalamel Scythe.
[16:09:26] @ Darc : Well then, she should just cut off ties with her grandma.
[16:09:27] @ SeaPanda : She told someone that Megan beat her up the other day and we still don't know how she came up with this or who she told.
[16:09:27] @ Draezeth : Maybe if she raged and said she hated everyone and that everyone is against her then that would get the message accross?
[16:10:01] @ SeaPanda : She always says things like "I wish I was dead. The only one that loves me anymore is my TV. My husband don't even love me" And everyone is like "Awe that's the Alhziemers talking"
[16:10:44] @ Darc : Well, all I can say is that Megs should just stay away from her grandmother for good.
[16:11:12] @ Darc : If it worked with me and my parents, it should work for her and her grandma.
[16:11:43] @ SeaPanda : Her mother is always randomly calling and harassing Megan with: "I heard you said this to grandma, I hear you told someone this about your grandma. I heard you did this to her. I heard you acted this way" and whenever her grandmother said she did this, she wasn't even at home when her grandmother said she did it, and when megan says "i was at family dollar" or "at the library" when grandma said I did this. Are you sure that this isnt the alhziemers talking?" "no. it isnt the ahlziemers talking. she said you did this and she told your grandfather and he told me. therefore it is true"
[16:13:07] @ Draezeth : This... world... is... ROTTEN...
[16:13:19] @ Darc : That's utter bull.
[16:14:02] @ Darc : Well, short of completely cutting off ties, I have no idea how to make things better.
[16:14:19] @ Catspirit123 : cut off ties to the planet
[16:14:29] @ Catspirit123 : go and take flight through the stars
[16:14:33] @ SeaPanda : It won't work. We lived in our own apartment for a month, and her grandparents were always banging on the door with the seeming attention to break our door down. It didn't matter whether it was Sixx:A.M. or 4:23PM or even 11:11. Her grandmother called at all ours, and she sent him over there at all hours, and whenever we tell her grandfather "we dont need you to do this for us" he gets mad cuz he wasted gas money to come over to the apartment, cuz his wife told us we needed him, then megan gets a call from her mother "why did you tell your grandfatehr you needed to be picked up then tell him no when he got to where you were"
[16:14:34] @ Catspirit123 : exploring the vast freedom of space
[16:14:50] * Catspirit123 takes a deep breath
[16:14:57] @ Catspirit123 : I LOVE THE SMELL OF SPACE
[16:15:10] @ Catspirit123 : or well lack of
[16:15:11] @ Catspirit123 : whatever
[16:15:15] @ Draezeth : 4:23. You must die for that reference.
[16:15:23] @ SeaPanda : She actually called Megan like 26 times when she was at the library, asking where we were and if her grandfather needed to take us back home yet. That's all she called for one time.
[16:15:43] @ Darc : ...
[16:16:07] @ Darc : Well, I got nothing.
[16:16:08] @ SeaPanda : And she got in trouble once because her mother called and the phone was on silent to avoid being harassed by her grandmother, and her mother called to harass her for ignoring her grandmother, and when Megan told her she called like 26 times just to ask "Where are you" she got madder at megan for lying.
[16:16:17] @ SeaPanda : My favorite moment....
[16:16:47] @ Catspirit123 : pretty crazy
[16:16:47] @ Draezeth : Panda, if you continue for much longer, I'm gonna end up smashing something...
[16:16:48] @ Darc : Though I suppose my solution only works for me because of trauma.
[16:17:35] @ Catspirit123 : Drae, you need to take a deep breath of the vast expanse known as space
[16:17:39] @ SeaPanda : ....8:26AM. -rolls over and sees cat in face- "hey fella how are ya!" "meow" -rolls over- "Hey megan, wake up its 8:30" -SMASHSMASHSMASHSMASHSMASHSMASHSMASHSMASHSMASH- -megan almost has a heart attack- -jon goes to door, its grandpa- "hey. You guys awake?" "Yeah? What's up?" "just wanted to see if you guys were awake -walks away-"
[16:17:43] @ Catspirit123 : that'll help
[16:17:45] @ Catspirit123 : trust me
[16:17:54] @ SeaPanda : ^^^^^^^^^^^
[16:18:26] @ Catspirit123 : man I love space
[16:18:32] @ Draezeth : =_=
[16:20:44] @ Catspirit123 : :3
[16:20:48] @ SeaPanda : He got mad at us cuz he came by the apartment and we weren't there, and he wasted gas money coming over to give us something, and he dropped it off at the landlords to give to us when we got bad. He didn't even have the courtesy to call us to see where we were. Oh. Did I mention it didn't MATTER where we were? They always went over to the apartment without our permission or even a notice ahead of time. Lol.
[16:21:36] @ Draezeth : Sounds like he cares more about gas money than he does you.
[16:21:56] @ SeaPanda : "i promise i'll take you guys anywhere you need to go if it involves looking for jobs until you get your own car"
[16:22:36] @ Darc : ...
[16:22:37] @ SeaPanda : one week later -- IM SPENDING TOO MUCH GAS MONEY TAKING YOU EVERY SINGLE PLACE. "we dont ask you to take us anywhere...." "nanny says you do. so its your fault that i have no money for gas" and we get in trouble cuz she says we need him to take us places. lol.
[16:22:52] @ Darc : And then he shows up for any random reason.
[16:22:59] @ Draezeth : I'm... just gonna...
[16:23:02] Draezeth has logged off the chat on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:23 pm
[16:23:16] @ Catspirit123 : he's probs gonna go breath some space
[16:23:20] @ Catspirit123 : it'll help
[16:23:32] @ Darc : Yep.
[16:23:42] @ SeaPanda : Yes. He shows up for a random reason.
[16:23:50] @ Darc : I hear head explosions are rather soothing.
[16:23:59] @ SeaPanda : We don't even know he's gonna show up, and when he gets there "We didn't ask for your help." "Nanny told me you called and asked me to come here"
[16:24:15] @ SeaPanda : What we said was "We'll call if we need help" her grandmother hears "we need help"
[16:24:15] @ Darc : "Emptying your mind" Sevati once put it as.
[16:24:17] @ SeaPanda : OR!
[16:24:25] @ SeaPanda : "Don't pick us up" she hears "Pick us up"
[16:24:37] @ Darc : Just say no.
[16:25:11] @ SeaPanda : Uh. She hangs up before Megan even has a chance to register what her grandmother says.
[16:25:16] @ SeaPanda : Or it's something like "H'
[16:25:35] @ SeaPanda : "he's coming to pick you up now bye" "we dont need to be -gets hung up on-"
[16:26:51] @ Catspirit123 : FIGHT DA POWA
[16:27:16] @ SeaPanda : "No" doesn't work. "Do you need to be picked up?" "no thank you. "Are you sure?" "Yes I'm sure. "okay i'll send him over (she hears just "yes"). "no wait. grandma you misunderstood. I dont need to be picked up" "its okay if you wanna be picked up. he wont get upset. he told me he wont (he doesnt know hes even coming to pick us up yet" "Grandma. We're already walking home. It's not cold. And I even have a jacket" "It's okay. I'll send him your way" "I DONT WANNA BE PICKED UP GRANDMA" "Oh. Why didnt you say so?
[16:27:26] @ Darc : Well, I need to have some soup before this actually makes me break my chill.
[16:27:42] @ SeaPanda : I'm listening to the Bombing Mission from Final Fantasy VII.
[16:28:11] @ Catspirit123 : lol I'm super fine right now
[16:28:13] @ Catspirit123 : know why
[16:28:17] @ Catspirit123 : because SPACE
[16:29:03] @ SeaPanda : You know what scares me? More like, terrifies me?
[16:29:30] @ Catspirit123 : black holes
[16:29:43] @ Catspirit123 : they're pretty black but other then that they're alright
[16:30:13] @ SeaPanda : Their dog is horrifically overweight and they don't know why.
[16:30:36] †Lost Song† joined the chat on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:30 pm
[16:30:39] @ SeaPanda : They also don't know how to tell the dog "NO" when she climbs on the table and eats from peoples plates, foods that could normally kill a dog if eaten excessively.
[16:33:45] Draezeth joined the chat on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:33 pm
[16:33:56] @ Draezeth : Is it ov- NOPE
[16:33:58] Draezeth has logged off the chat on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:33 pm
[16:34:07] @ SeaPanda : Hi Drae.
[16:34:09] @ SeaPanda : Bye Drae.

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PostSubject: Re: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 2:44 pm

Not to be mean but the hell, her Grandmother must be half crazy, half stupid and half something else ( yes there are 3 halves). At least her Grandad should have some amount of sense in him and not just listen to a lady who apparently has Alhziemers to drive to a relatives house every minute and not call every 10 seconds ( although you could potentially have an auto answer app or somthing to answer that number to up their phone bill, and that might teach them a lesson but thats just me being evil.) But if i were you Megan and if it was actually feasable you could get a restraining order (but that seems mean to you grandad who seems to be nagged all the time to go over to your place but then again he could just be stupid for listening to her.) Megan at least try and talk to your parents about it and say "es maybee its because of her condition but there should be limits to what is allowed for someone who is not in the right state of mind to be saying such no matter who they are.

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Demon Slayer (posted it to death)
Demon Slayer (posted it to death)

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PostSubject: Re: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 3:14 pm

This is an unfortunate truth to life. All we can ever seem to do is endure it and wait for the day when we can spread our wings and fly free. It's not supposed to be easy but i find the small points of happiness can outweigh the bad except when you are in the midst of the bad parts. I can understand the frustration when you are being berated for something and the real story isn't even known. I also have to agree with drae, i HATE the don't talk back bit especially when you are being judged from a partial story. Just gotta persevere and hope for things to get better.
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