The Fourth Day
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The Fourth Day

Where blood is no thicker than water.
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"part of me prefers just thinking Links a dumbass. if i wanted to summon the apocalypse and destroy Hyrule id built a little fence around myself and theres not a god damn thing he can do about it" - Naomi
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 The Hunt

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PostSubject: The Hunt   The Hunt I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 6:34 pm

I didn’t care about the consequences; I had to know the truth. I had to know the connection between them. There had to be one; after all, they both went after children, they were both plainly supernatural, and both had some element of facelessness about them. None of this spoke well in my favor, though. My chances of surviving this excursion were slim, if not nonexistent. But man is tenacious in his pursuit of knowledge, and this was one thing I just had to know.
The Seed Eater and Slender Man. What was their connection?

Cache National Forest. It was a huge place, but the nearest that I could tie both of their locations too. If I was lucky, I would find them within a few days. Or if I was unlucky, depending on how you decided to look at it.
As soon as the semester was over, and I had some free time, I let my boss know I would be out of town for a few weeks, and drove out East. It was roughly a 30 mile drive, and I made it there before sundown. Plenty of time to search for one day. Fortunately, my dad had lent me his camper, so I had a reasonably comfortable place to stay. I would have to stop in town every so often in order to resupply, but that was nothing I couldn’t handle.
First things first, I had to scout out the area. No bears or coyotes in my immediate vicinity, so there was one worry out of the way. But I knew that food would attract them sooner or later. Fortunately, the campground I found had bear boxes to store food in. Another worry out of the way. All there was left to do was buy some maps, and begin searching.
By the end of three hours, I had everything I needed, including time. So the search began.
Slenderman was my first priority. I had learned over the internet what to do in order to summon the Seedeater, but Ol’ Slendy was much harder to understand. All I knew is that he seemed to go for people with cameras. Of course, I brought my own. And so for the rest of the day I followed hiking trails with my camera out, jumping at every rustle in the bushes.

On day three, as I began to head back to the camper with the sun setting, I thought I spotted a Shuck. That was highly unexpected, but it got me wondering if Seedeater and Slenderman weren’t the only parts of the equation. But as far as I’d heard, Shuck had never tried to attack anybody, unlike the other two. But then again, I might not have seen a Shuck at all. It could have been an animal with reflective eyes. But I’d never seen eyes that big before. I put it out of my head as I lay down to sleep that night.

On day seven, I started to alleviate my jumpiness with humorous or soft music. I’d brought my iPod with me, and started to use it more often, always keeping one ear alert.

Day ten, I made my first score. Every night I’d been reviewing my footage, and for the first time the footage was distorted. It was near an uprooted tree that I passed at roughly 3pm.
The next day I drew the Operator symbol on my arm. I’d heard it was supposed to protect you from the Slenderman, but I didn’t know how reliable that rumor was. Chances are, if you are reading this, then you will need this symbol soon. It is a circle with a large X going through it.
And so, with the symbol on my arm, I set out for the three once more. I made it there before noon and began to examine the place in more detail. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. I sat down on the log and reviewed my footage up to that point, and found no distortion to speak of. I decided it was time to move on, and so I did.
That evening I found that more distortion had surfaced on my way back to the camp ground. It lasted for a very long time. Worryingly long, as a matter of fact, as if Slenderman was following me.

The next day I had to go to town and restock on food. I took my camera with me, just in case. That evening I discovered that Slenderman had followed me to town, too. The distortion would pop up every so often, but only at brief intervals. But what this meant was clear: I was being followed. So there was only one thing left to do now.
That evening, I drew the Seedeater.

The next say, I returned to my exploration of the forest. I was going to spend the night out there if I had to. I went over each spot that I had seen distortion, and then headed deeper into the forest, always keeping a close eye on my surroundings, and remembering the way back.
As the sun began to set, that was when the fear began to set in. I was tempting fate with not one, but two paranormal creatures. Possibly even three. I had practically written my own epitaph.
It was too late to go back, but I was going to try anyways. I turned around and ran as fast as I could, hoping I could make it to the camper before the sun set.
As I neared it, I could have sworn I saw the same lamp-like eyes I had seen on the third day, watching me. Shuck had joined the hunt. My curiosity at this development was almost overwhelming, but my will to survive was even stronger.
I made it to my camper and smashed the camera. Nobody should ever have that footage, lest the Slenderman go for them.
That done, I sat down and began to write the whole adventure down.
Now I’m going to run to the bear box and put this account of my search in it. I hope I can make it in time. Somebody must know of my foolishness, so that nobody will attempt the same thing.
There’s a shadow on my window. It must be the Slenderman. Maybe I won’t make it. I’ll put it on my desk, then. Now I can smell the Seedeater. No, I’ll put it in the fridge.

It’s over.

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The Hunt
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