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Welcome to the Fourth Day, where everything's made up and the points don't matter.
That's right, the points are like Drae's opinion.
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 Fantasy story

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How should we name these?
Keep the names largely the same as the originals
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Come up with new names for everything
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The Illuminati
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PostSubject: Fantasy story    Fantasy story  I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 11:48 am

So Drae and I were talking a while ago and thought of an idea for a story Drae could write. As  of right now we are still discussing the creatures that may be in the story. So far we have Dragons, elves, goblins, trolls, griffons, dwarves, mermaids, sky whales, gnomes, centaurs, vampires, werewolves, giants, orcs, naga, hellhounds, demons, Unicorns, mammoths, rocs, Kraken, golems, basilisks, hydra, changelings, carbuncle, hippocampus, manticore, pegasi, yeti, giant spiders, wisps, driders, gremlins, mongolian death worms, wargs, poltergeist, brownies, humonculus, cyclops, giant turtles, Valkyrie, and the grim reaper.

We want this story to stay different from other fantasy stories. So we have come up with our own versions of certain fantasy creatures:

Dragons: Semi-Bipedal bat lions that breathe poison instead of fire. Aquatic varieties have webbed feet and fin like wings. There are smaller varieties. Males are maned, largely solitary but may have small groups, females vary depending on species.

Elves: Evolved from monkeys as opposed to apes. Live in forested regions, and value wisdom over knowledge. Matriarchal. Disapprove of the two types of magic (More on that later.). Skilled woodworkers, with dextrous tails and larger pointed ears.
They have weapons made specifically for three limbs.

Dwarves: Bigger and bulkier than humans. They have tentacle chins.  Their fifth knuckle bone is as hard (if not harder than) Steel. Short-lived. They have a bald head and furry arms and back. They value shiny material. Use jewelry as a sign if status.

Goblins: Vulture-human hybrid. Six fingers. Bipedal. Glide. They are tribal. They ride terrorbirds, and they hunt in packs using natural weapons.

Trolls: Turtles wiith the posture of a gorrila. Cold-Blooded. beaked. desert trolls are maroon, volcanic trolls are basalt black, and swamp trollsare greenish brown.

Felwights (Werewolves): Cat-like. Dark pelts and red eyes. Transform on the new moon. weak to silver. They are called Felwights.

Giants: Few in number, hill-sized, made of stone and earth. Originally humans but transformed into spirits long ago. Immortal. They hate their existence but cannot die, thus they spend most of their time sleeping.

Gnomes: Mushroom people. Not drugs. Addicted to alcohol. Deathly afraid of fire. Bioluminescent to make up for the lack of fire. Poisonous. They live for long periods of time. Grow from the roots of trees. Produce asexually. No wars. Very tough skin. Live in dense communities, and enjoy the company of peaceful humans. Taste awful.

Sky Whales: Full of magic that makes them float. hunted by mountain people and griffons. believed to be spirits by the people of valleys.

Mermaids: lower bodies of plesiosaurs, hairless.

Centaurs: Monitor lizard lower bodies. Hostile but reasonable. Patches of scales on upper body. Superiority Complex towards humans. Physically superior to humans. Equally intelligent. However they are much uglier.

Orcs: Semi-Bipedal humanoids. matriarchal. Warlike and territorial, but they are generally scavengers. Primarily eat rottonig food. less intelligent than other Civilized species. They can learn to read, but they lack their own alphabet. Hairy. Have pointed ears. Have an underbite, and rang from light blu to gray in skin color. Largely endangered.

Naga: Slug like lower body. Long and prehensile. Slime can solidify into a shell, or may liquify into a sticky trap for prey. Live in swamps. Elven upper bodies. and they regrow lost parts.

Fairies: Feathered body and wings. Each one's life is conected to a tree. If it dies so does the tree and vice-versa. Beaked noses. Can create Illusions. Looks may vary.

Vampires: Amphibious humanoids with frills like an axolotl. They shrivel up in the sun, and must remain underwater during the day. Long, sticky tongues like a chameleon and sharp fangs that drain the prey of blood. Partially drained creatures are robbed of their will and turned into thralls. They often leave dead prey on the water's edge to attract more.

We'll figure out the details of the creatures themselves, but we're always looking for more creatures to modify, so we'll take those suggestions. Also, do please fill out the poll.
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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy story    Fantasy story  I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2015 7:34 pm

Added vampires and a poll to the main post, now I have a couple things to add here.

Magic is divided into two categories for humans: Alchemy and necromancy.
Alchemy is mostly what you'd expect. People use magic ingredients to turn one thing into another. One of these ingredients is Okora clay, which, when mixed with specific other ingredients and then baked, will release powerful energy when broken. For example, it could explode in a gout of fire, or instantly freeze over anything in a 20-foot radius, things like that. The size of the effect varies based on how much clay is used, and what the concentration of magic ingredients is.

Necromancy is mixed with druidism. Necromancers themselves don't have the means of raising bodies, but by living as one with nature and partaking in nature rituals, they befriend the spirits of the wilds, which they then help to enter the bodies of the dead.

This brings me to the undead, of which there are two varieties: Zombies and ghouls.

Zombies are the reanimated bodies that the necromancers helped create, while ghouls occur naturally. Nature spirits, especially in areas dense with them, are known to possess bodies on their own, generally in acts of revenge against the living, or to protect some thing. In either case, the reanimated body shows signs of its possession in various ways, depending on the spirit. A spirit of stone will turn parts of the body's skin or hide to stone, and a plant spirit will cause branches and leaves to grow out of it. The first areas to change are wounds or flesh that has rotted. The eyes also are replaced with glowing lights through which the spirits see. Though difficult, necromancers can put two or even more spirits into one body, which makes it more powerful.

Combining the two areas of magic allows for the creation of golems. A body is made out of natural materials (stone, wood, clay, etc.) to act as the host. A special Okora blend is made, and left alone in a natural area until it begins to glow, indicating a spirit has entered it. The Okora is then broken against the body, leaving a small glowing circle where it struck, and the body then becomes animated and responds to the commands of the one who broke the Okora on it. They're highly prized as both engines of war and as manual laborers, but they are known to attract the ire of ghouls and necromancers, as the spirit within is forced to work against its will.

Other forms of magic exist, as this is a magical world after all, but these two are the only forms widely available. Fairies have illusion magic specific to them, and sky whales can fly, for example.

Back to creatures:

Lizardfolk: Monitor lizard lower bodies and human upper bodies. Hostile but reasonable. Patches of scales on upper body, superiority complex toward humans, since they're of similar intelligence but stronger and faster. Uglier, though.

Bicorns: Live in the snow, wooly, curly, alchemically potent, ram-like horns. Victims of poaching, almost mammoth-sized and extremely long-lived.

Slug things: Swamp slugs with alchemically valuable slime that hardens in heat into a tough material. Paralyzing venomous bite.

Roc: Lives underwater, longer than a ship, very rarely surfaces to breathe and even more rarely flies. Slimy kelp-feathers. Eats whales and large fish. Resides in a deep-sea underwater cave. Creature of lengend.

Basilisk: Worms that spit a fluid that turns flesh into sand crystal, which is easier for it to digest. Legends say it can grow to be miles long, supported by a single carcass full of crystal statues on the surface of the desert. Rarely feed on things other than sand, but get a lot of growth out of it, since living beings are more nutritious than just sand.

Cangelings: Originally land0locked octopods with shells at birth, they can transform into anything they see. Primitive human-level intelligence, with varying personalities.

Ideas: Pegasi, Giant spiders, Driders, Gremlins, Wisps, wargs, boggart/poltergeist, brownies, cyclopses, giant turtles, valkyries, grim reaper.

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Fantasy story
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