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 Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP

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Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior

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PostSubject: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:27 am

So yeah, cook up your characters here. I'll be posting my own in a separate post.

If you're not sure what Cyberpunk is exactly, look to Shadowrun: Returns or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as both function as good introductions to the genre.

"But Darc! How will I build my character?"

You really just need some basic info. If you need help, differ to my formula:

>2-5 personality traits for basic disposition.
>1-3 core values one of which is contradictory to one of the other ones.
>Write a few sentences for fairly important/defining events for "childhood, recent, and very recent".
>Write a sentence to describe basic appearance.
>Got any augs, special skills, ect? Drop em here.
>What kind of work does your character do? Examples include Corporate Mercs and Runners.

When you finish with that, then work on a backstory for your character. Concept before conception, kay?

We seem to be going Low-Fantasy, High-Tech at this time, so no mages, plox.
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:16 am

Lucien White (Alias, true name: Julian Damaske)
Street name: Bastion
Personality: Gruff exterior, but with a soft core. He deeply cares for the well being of his fellow man. Has a very strong sense of justice, though he considers life to be valuable. As such, he only resorts to killing if he well and truly believes there is no better option. Very compassionate when faced with a suffering being, and empathetic to the plight of others. Usually, he shows little outward signs of his affection, even when dropping money on the homeless and helping out others.
Skills: Armed and unarmed combat, psychoanalysis, and moderate detective skills. A pretty good singer, too, and with good voice imitating skills.
Appearance: Broad-shouldered and tall, but not thickly built. Wears his black hair rather short, with thick sideburns. Beard status varies depending on when he last shaved. Has a number of small scars on his face, and a large one on his right cheekbone. Larger scars on the rest of his body. Missing both arms up to the shoulder, one leg up to the hip, and one to the knee, replaced by augs.
Usually dresses in tan and white, wearing loose clothes for easy movement, but keeping them looking rather businesslike. Wears a tan paperboy hat whenever he's outdoors.
Augmentations: All four limbs. Both sides of his hands, as well as his shoulders contain shield generators. Stun guns rest in his arm and can be called out at will. Grappling gun in each wrist. Forearms are densely built and plated to better his melee blocking without a shield, and to enhance punching power. Metal plating reinforces his chest and several ribs. Feet contain retractable wheels that allow him to move at a greater speed than running normally would.
History: Formerly worked as a detective. A blunder on the job got him caught by a crime gang, who beat him half to death and broke each of his limbs, then left him to die. He was picked up by another gang, that augmented each limb and also performed some enhancements on other broken bones. He was given a choice to work for them or be killed. He accepted, seeing no other way out, but hated every second.
At the first chance he got, he betrayed them to a larger gang, and ensured the devices used to track him via his augs were destroyed in the resulting chaos. A free man again, he escaped from the victors and took up his old work again, modifying his augs for nonlethal work. With his new augmentations, he found work as a mercenary and bounty hunter as well, working for the law as well as for smaller gangs taking on larger competitors, to deal as much damage to them as possible, while also making decent pay.

Quote :
“Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you realise that money cannot be eaten.”
-Cree Indian Prophecy

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Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:09 am

Name: Daniel "Dredd" Williams
Streetname: Bearforce One

>2-5 personality traits for basic disposition.
Boisterous, Proud, Thrill Seeking, Risk Taking

>1-3 core values, one of which is contradictory to one of the other ones.
Showboating, Teamwork, Self-Sufficiency

>Write a few sentences for fairly important/defining events.
Daniel was a former MMA champion, prior to the scandal that he had been caught cheating with minor augs to boost his reaction time for most of his career. Since then, he's disappeared into the world of Runners, bringing about his own brand of action, frequently referring to it as the "Art of the Bull in the China Shop". He favors any and all actions that are quick, loud, and over the top.

After a shakedown gone horribly wrong, his arms were crippled and his career as a Runner seemed to be coming to an end before he shelled out a small fortune to get some new limbs. He's now back in the Runner scene, trying to make his exploits well known.


>Got any augs, special skills, ect? Drop em here.


- His shoulders come equipped with speakers and a microphone, which he uses to obnoxiously shout "GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMBLE!" before any fight.

- His arms can have their strength output altered on the fly. At its lowest setting, he's on par with an average person of his size, just with some metal hands. At max, he can punch through solid concrete with ease, a function he makes frequent use of.

- Within his forearms are short blades, primarily for blocking blades commonly used by other augmented individuals.

- His helmet offers a basic HUD regarding the status of his augs and assorted data he's 'pinned up'. It also suppresses noise, a necessity, given that his head is right next to a pair of speakers.


- Being a former MMA champ, Daniel is extremely dangerous in hand-to-hand combat.

>What kind of work does your character do? Examples include Corporate Mercs and Runners.

Daniel is a Runner, through and through. He specifically takes jobs that allow him to be as loud and proud as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:16 am

Name: Desmond Armitage (true name unknown)

Codename/Alias: Synapse

Personality: Very much the anti-social type. He prefers solitude and isolation over being around others. Due to this, he comes across as very hostile towards others. He tends to show little regard for others. This has gotten him very far in the corporate world. On the inside however, Desmond sees himself as a broken person that has no use in the world, which is why he lets others buy him out for their personal needs. Does jobs for money and absolutely nothing else, and his morals will never get in the way.

Skills: Close combat expert in no particular fighting style, has an affinity for blades. Also a very good shot with most firearms even before he was augmented, won several awards for his prowess when in the military. Is especially good with handguns, and uses a pair of custom M2025 Phantasm 10mm pistols. Has special-forces grade training in stealth, evasion, insurgency, counter-insurgency, reconnaissance, hacking, and sabotage.

Appearance: Taller than normal, very thin build. Wears his blond hair short and makes no attempt to hide the bad scarring on the left side of his face. Has a single piercing storm-gray eye while the other eye is an icy blue. Both arms are completely prosthetic, as well as his legs. Typically wears a large-collared leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. Other clothes are tighter fitted for easier movement. Keeps a small patch of hair under his chin.


Right Arm: Completely prosthetic, main feature is a 15-inch arm blade that extends from his forearm. It may slide forward from his wrist or back from his elbow. All throughout his arm are gyroscopic stabilizers for shooting aid
Right Hand: Under each finger nail is a 2-inch blade that can be used as a vicious close-combat or aid in climbing:
Left Arm: Same features as right arm, except just above his elbow there is a single-shot 12 gauge shotgun that can be extended by folding his forearm back.
Left Hand: Same as right
Legs: Both legs are completely prosthetic from the waist down. Feature enhanced muscles for better maneuverability and fall resistance. In each heel of his foot is a six-inch blade that can be used as a nasty surprise in close combat and also used as a climbing aid.
Face: Face is free of augs aside from his eyes. Both feature a host of systems, including binoculars, x-ray, thermal, and magnetic vision modes. Have state of the art HUD systems.

History: Almost nothing known about his childhood, except that his parents are dead and has no living relatives. What is known is that he was part of a classified US Special Forces team after several years in the normal military. During an operation in the SF, his entire team was killed by a bomb that caused him grievous wounds and needed to be augmented to live. After he was Honorably Discharged from the SF, he was given a new name and told to start a new life. Having nothing else to turn to, he moved to the private sector where his skills could be put to use with the corporations. Works for no corp in particular, and bounces around quite frequently. He is often very wanted by several corps though, and was offered permanent jobs several times, but turned down all of them. He lives a life of isolation, still haunted by the ghosts of his past. Often blames himself for what happened on that dreadful day...

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Soulless Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:51 pm

Name: Jasmine Cealton (nickname; Jaycee)

Codename: Harpy

Personality: Quiet, stoic, a taciturn

Backstory: Jaycee was a fairly normal girl growing up until she was nearly killed in a car crash which took the lives of her parents when a speeding truck demolished it from the side. Due to the crash she broke her spine and could no longer use her body below her naval region. During her hospitalisation she was approached by an official of Simco Electronics who offered her augmentation to be able to walk again at the price of working for them, she accepted. After gaining her new legs and other body augmentation she underwent a long and strenuous training regime, learning several martial arts and receiving military training. Since then she has worked as agreed.

Appearance: A tall woman with long, straight brown hair, kept tied back and a slim figure, she wears a black Kevlar dress with black leggings that go down to the knees underneath and combat boots.

Augmentations: Completely prosthetic legs which are capable of very high levels of strength and propulsion via running also equipped with very high powered shock absorbers, retractable blades in the shins and reinforced knees and feet for combat. Smaller augmentations to her shoulder joints and muscles as well as her fingers and knuckles to increase dexterity, grip and resilience. Spinal column replaced and reconfigured to quicken nerve messages aiding in reflex speed. Her optical and auditory systems have been replaced allowing her to see with zoom, night vision and thermal vision as well as increased frequency range, being able to increase or decrease sensitivity to sound and improved balance.

Skills: Martial arts of kick-boxing, muay thai and jujitsu, weapon proficiencies of sniper rifles, assault rifles, handguns and knives. She is also proficient in stealth, safe and lock-picking, climbing and the use of explosives.

Work: Most of her work involves Assassination, Theft of technology or information, Sabotage and Demolition.
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   Sat Sep 28, 2013 2:54 am

Name: Maik Salvdor
Other name: Hues

Personality: A person who doesn't tend to talk much, often wont like to share things about anything about himself. If it comes to work then he makes sure that the job is done and done fast. Very defensive and hesitant with others, prefers his space.

Skills: Well trained in close combat and decent with weaponry, very agile and stealthy making him more suited for less close range work, however he is more than capable if needed. Guns that are mostly used are assault rifles, close range knife skills along with kickboxing combat. Can make quick work of killing others, breaking into most secure places, sabotaging for distractions and blending into the background.

Appearance: A fairly tall guy, nothing that causes an overtowering effect. His hair is a dark brown, often unkempt and messy to one side while the other is more flattened, his eye is a dull green while the other is covered up, underneath the cover is a large scar which he prefers not to get into. His outfit is an old grey sport jacket along with some kevlar legs for protection, however it is lighter and slightly weaker than normal for his easier movement.

Augmentations: Prosthetic arms to the shoulder, they are used mainly to keep in assistance to fighting off enemies and strength. His missing eye is now replaced with a device that captures the detaisl of the area surrounding him, able to change its setting depending on the area, even seeing through walls under conditions. Part of torso is armoured to cover the chests scarring along with the shoulders so that they remain protected and left to not somehow become unhinged.

History: His past wasn't an overly pleasant one, he grew into the slum parts of the area with no known relatives, being in an orphanage until he decided to try and escape. In the process of attempting to escape, his fate had changed when he had to go into a more frowned upon way of surviving, stealing. After getting used to it and gaining more stealth and agility by hopping up alleyways walls to escape, eventually he got caught by a store. His punishment: Tortured by the owners which lead to the scars and losing both his arms, the tools that helped take the items in question, then being left out on the streets to die. Shortly after, a group managed to take his still living body and fix it up with replacing his decapitated arms with prosthetic that worked as if they were the real thing. His damaged eye now covered by a device which allows him to see and change its settings depending along with learning techniques that will benefit him greatly. In return for their work, all they ask is for him to do in return is to 'deliver them a few things'.
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP   

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Currently Unnamed Cyberpunk RP
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