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 Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay

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Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior

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PostSubject: Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay   Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:25 am

So, I want to attempt to apply dices to an RP for the second time. Unlike a certain failure that is now undergoing a serious rewriting process for the sake of playing on a table, I'm now readapting Pathfinder, you know, that TTRPG I never shut the hell up about, into an RP for:

1. Testing my capacity as a GM and storyteller for an open-ended adventure.
2. Modifying Pathfinder to be less dice heavy and more emphasized on player to player interaction with some GM input. While dice are still involved with the game, unless the player settles on making a roll on their own and posting it honestly, the GM(me) will do roll in the next "system post". This means dices are a bit more backend, and can actually be phased out should the system ultimately not work out.

A system post will be made by the GM when posting the results of combat, dice rolls, and NPC interactions. They'll also be used to narrate the story, whereas the players themselves decide their course of action and as such, influence a good chunk of the story's direction.

I request that you make a character sheet, and as such, I recommend you download from this torrent to get a whole load of books to use.

If you happen to be against torrenting or have some other reason that prevents you from downloading this, I can provide some of the necessary files personally, but you won't even be getting close to the massive collection in the link above. And if anything, you can also use the pazio wiki for reference.
Also, when filling out your character sheet, you can ask me just about anything, but I will be quick to tell you what's useless on the sheet for the currently existing system.

Also, if you can provide art for your character, that'd be awesome. It helps both me, and your fellow players visualize your character better. I don't care if said art is done by you or ripped off of a google search, just eh, art helps. Just sayin'.
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Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay   Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:56 am

Dice Checks and You!
AKA: Spite of the Random Number God

So, there's different rolling styles available with the currently existing system.

For the first that can be mentioned are Player Rolls and GM rolls.
When a player makes a roll worthy action, such as a Diplomacy, Intimidate, assorted attack rolls, ect, ect, they have the choice of personally waiting for the System Post to resolve the roll, or they can just make the check in their own post.

The alternative would be to settle for a 10 + Bonuses as the result.

"So? What's the difference, Darc? Is this one of those things that only matters if you're really anal about roll numbers or something?"

Well, I suppose the answer to the latter of these quoted questions I asked myself would be...
True and False.

Let's say Cat has a Dexterity of 16, giving him a +3 modifier to all skills related to Dexterity. He also happens to be a Rogue with two ranks trained in Acrobatics, and with Acrobatics being a Class Skill for Rogues, he also gets a +3 training bonus. This means that on checks for Acrobatics, save for rolling a 1, Cat's actual score is "Dice Roll + Bonus". The bonus for this given example would be 8, so if he rolled a 2, his final result would be a 10.
Now, Acrobatics is a skill that includes a DEX modifier. While unlikely that I'll force anyone to make a roll for Acrobatics, since the goal is to make this more focused on story than dice rolling, this is a useful example.

Now, let's say that Cat's going to go over a narrow ledge! The DC, or Dice check for going over said narrow ledge without losing his balance is 20! If Cat attempts to roll, he just has to roll a 12 or higher, and he's golden. The thing is, performing a roll also offers the unfortunate chance that he may roll a 1. When a 1 is rolled, we call this a "Critical Fail". In the event of a Critical Fail, something substantially worse than a simple failed roll will occur.


Cat rolls a 12 or higher:
"Commander Catspirit moves across the ledge with speed and grace, never losing his balance once. Upon reaching the other side, he climbs into the window of the bandit hideout, getting the party ready for a sneak attack on the bandits."

Cat rolls a 2-11:
"Commander Catspirit attempts to move across the narrow ledge, but finds difficulty keeping his balance. He falls down and hits the ground. The sound of the commander's fall has made the bandits more cautious, making a sneak attack considerably more difficult."

Cat rolls a 1:
"Commander Catspirit attempts to move across the narrow ledge, but finds difficulty keeping his balance. He falls down and hits the ground at an awkward angle. His ankle twists in an odd direction as he fails to hold back a pained shout. The bandits are alerted by this, rendering a sneak attack impossible."

Now, if Cat were to choose to skip a roll, he'd get 10 as his roll, forcing him to take the second instance.

Remember, skipping your rolls is faster, but it might now always work out for the best.
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Commander Catspirit

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PostSubject: Re: Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay   Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:11 am

Azgor the Wild Wizard. Still sort of a work in progress, but here's his current state
also here's his familiar's stats although his hit points are 5 or 6 since it's supposed to be half my health. I dunno if you round up or down with odd numbers

here's the bio: Born as a half breed, Dumak spent his adolescence living in a tribe of Orcs with his mother. All he had of the human world and of his father was an old ring covered in gems. Unfortunately, he never truly felt at home in the orc tribe for more reasons than one. The rest of the tribe considered his mixed blood a handicap. Some of them were nice to him, but he still felt out of place. Physically he looks very much like his orc mother, aside from his distinct blue eyes which came from his father. He also had his father's desire to exercise his brain. Most orcs were content learning to fight with blades and clubs, Dumak was studying whatever literature he could find with his pet Rhamphorhynchus. One day, he found a strange book among the goods obtained by an orc raiding party.  The book he acquired was one of spells and magic. He studied the book feverishly, trying to understand what it said. At this point he only had a basic understanding of the common tongue and could only understand a few of the spells. Eventually he decided to leave the orc tribe to learn about the other side of his heritage, the mysteries of magic, and perhaps more about the father he'd never known. Sadly for him, he found the other races of the world weren't too accepting of orcish types. After wandering around a town hungry and tired for days, some high born hooligans pushed him too far and in an orcish rage he turned the man into a charred skeleton.  Once he calmed down and realized what he'd done, fled before the town would call for his head. Ever since he's been nervous about the bloodrage caused by his orc ancestry. Eventually He made his way to a large city where he found a guild of wizards. With the old spellbook in hand, He went in to ask a few questions and left years later as a wizard himself, ready to gain experience in the world with his tiny pterodactyl turned familiar.

Whenever you rise to the occasion I'll be right there to kick you back down >:3

Chaos and Reina

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PostSubject: Re: Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay   Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:04 am

So What c'n I tell ya 'bout meself tha' you'd be interested in? Ah don' mind if ya catch me ramblin' you got a hold o' me when I'm drunk har har!
I wern't raised to be no classy lady but me pa' taught me how t' shoot an' me ma's the one what learned me how to play this here flute, makes me a decent bit o' coin now an' then too, ma'bee I'll play a bit fo' ya later. Anyhow I lef' home with wha' I got an' a bit o' me parents coin. Me pa...well he gen'rously donated this armor I got here, comes in handy for the messy jobs if'n you know wha' I mean.
See me ma' an' pa' decided it was time wha' I got meself married an' seen as I wern't too keen on the idea meself just yet an' the man me pa' picked were rich enough an' foul enough t' make a girl wish he were old enough t' be passin' on soon. Didn' like that much meself so I ran away. Been pretty good 'bout gettin' meself outta trouble like tha'. Started out as a theif 'fore I found out I coul' put me skills with a flute an' a bow to work. I figure one o' these days I'll even try learnin' meself some magic bu' all in all I live a pretty good life.
Got me inns to play me flute an' every once in a while I get paid for usin' my bow. See I'm not very strong but I'm mighty sneaky, most me targets don' see it comin' til it hits 'em. Gets me an inn roof over me head, a mug of ale an' warm food in me belly an' I get t' see the world free o' charge. Makes a girl feel mighty lucky.



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PostSubject: Re: Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay   

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Pathfinder TTRPG Roleplay
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