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 Panda's Poem #7

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PostSubject: Panda's Poem #7   Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:52 am

Two star crossed lovers
Set to meet their fate together
The dream of one woman
Fulfilled by this one man
The dream made just for this woman
That lasts forever with her handsome prince
A magical encounter between the two lovers
A sensational experience, the feeling lasts forever
One was found, to set this in motion
From the moment he saw her
He knew that it was love
From the moment she saw him
She knew that it was real
The best bottle of Champagne
A glass of only the finest
As they share these dreams together
A bouquet of his angel’s favorites
A bed so soft, molded of the finest silk
Littered with the finest rose petals
As the scent of romance fills the air
Their dream is complete
As they lie down together
Remembering that day they met
As if it were just yesterday

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Panda's Poem #7
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