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 I'm more sad than ragey but I dunno where else to put this.

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PostSubject: I'm more sad than ragey but I dunno where else to put this.   Tue May 20, 2014 5:51 am

[22:30:38] @ J : in other news someone died over the weekend

[22:30:48] @ J : and she was under my care

[22:31:22] Catgirl Florian joined the chat on Mon May 19, 2014 10:31 pm

[22:31:28] @ J : and now the family is trying to pin the nursing home with neglect and I'm gonna have to do a shitload of paperwork and probably be investigated if anyone actually tries to sue

[22:31:30] @ Catgirl Florian : hello

[22:31:46] @ Catgirl Florian : woh

[22:31:58] @ Mj. Spoilers : Oh dear

[22:32:33] @ J : I dunno what I'm gonna do if I end up losing my liscense over this

[22:33:05] @ Catgirl Florian : driving license?

[22:33:32] @ J : yes trace.... just yes

[22:34:31] @ Catgirl Florian : oh medical license

[22:34:44] * J nods,

[22:35:26] @ Catgirl Florian : unfortunetly the family are screwing themselves since an autopsy would have to be done

[22:35:58] @ Catgirl Florian : and if it tirns out to be natural tbey dont have a leg to stand on

[22:36:15] @ J : it's not about an autopsy, teyh're saying I didnt turn or clean her during my shift

[22:36:22] @ J : she's been declining all week

[22:36:57] @ J : they aren't trying to blame me for her death,thay just wanna say I didn't take proper care of her

[22:37:07] @ Mj. Spoilers : .

[22:37:25] Kikren has been disconnected on Mon May 19, 2014 10:37 pm (session timeout)

[22:37:40] Kikren joined the chat on Mon May 19, 2014 10:37 pm

[22:37:45] @ Catgirl Florian : greedy bastards just want money

[22:39:43] @ J : so yeah...that's a thing that might happen and fuck up my chances of another job

[22:40:04] @ Kikren : Yes the girl who cries over her residents dying is being neglectful.

[22:40:10] @ Kikren : Idiots.

[22:40:32] @ Kikren : Just because someone died doesn't give you a reason to ruin someone else's life.

[22:41:31] @ Mj. Spoilers : Mhm.

[22:41:53] @ J : I dunno what I'm gonna do, the state usually sides with the families on this kind of thing

[22:42:04] @ Mj. Spoilers : Still not as bad as the woman who sued the family of the kids she manslaughtered.

[22:42:32] @ J : I guess if it gets serious I might need to get a lawyer

[22:43:24] @ J : I'm trying not to think about it while freaking out at the same time

[22:43:34] @ Kikren : Even if you do it'll still look bad on you for other jobs

[22:43:51] @ Kikren : Fucking assholes.

[22:44:06] @ Catgirl Florian : the company should help with that J

[22:44:33] Darc has been disconnected on Mon May 19, 2014 10:44 pm (session timeout)

[22:46:44] @ J : I'm good at my job, there's security cameras all around that hall to tell everyone I was in that room every half hour asking if the family needed a refill on there refreshment cart, asking if there was anything I could do to make Alice more comfortable, repositioning her, checking to make sure she was dry, checking to make sure her skin wasn't to warm or too cold and adding and removing blankets if I needed to, I don't see how they can say I didn't touch her for four hours or that I was being neglectful

[22:47:34] @ Kikren : You care for the residents. There's no question about it.

[22:47:54] @ Mj. Spoilers : .

[22:47:56] @ Kikren : They are taking their grief out on someone who doesn't deserve it.

[22:48:03] * Mj. Spoilers nods.

[22:48:17] @ Catgirl Florian : and if there is camera evidence theng you have no problems

[22:48:33] @ Kikren : And I'm sorry, but people die. Everyone has to deal with it.

So yeah apparently this is a thing that's happening now.



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PostSubject: Re: I'm more sad than ragey but I dunno where else to put this.   Tue May 20, 2014 6:39 am


We can stand in the light as much as we want, hoping that it will purify and burn away the mistakes we've made. But the truth is, it's only when we stand in the light that we cast our darkest shadow.

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I'm more sad than ragey but I dunno where else to put this.
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