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 I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.

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PostSubject: I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.   Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:49 am

[01:47:14 10/04/14] * Scotia wishes sleeping was easier

[01:47:38 10/04/14] * J pats scotia's head

[01:47:55 10/04/14] * J gives scotia some warm milk and honey

[01:48:05 10/04/14] * J wraps scotia in a blanket

[01:48:12 10/04/14] @ Scotia : I don't know why I need warm milk or honey.

[01:48:21 10/04/14] @ Scotia : I've been up for like 20 hours.

[01:48:23 10/04/14] @ J : want a bedtime story?

[01:48:32 10/04/14] @ Scotia : 20 hours is long enough that I should be able to pass out.

[01:50:02 10/04/14] @ J : Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Trace who was kidnapped by the evil rape dragon known as Darc.

[01:50:57 10/04/14] @ J : The rape dragon lived in a castle high on top of a mountain where he kept his collection of ravaged princesses.

[01:52:14 10/04/14] @ J : This mountain had been proclaimed impossible to climb and all princesses who were taken there were considered lost forever.

[01:54:01 10/04/14] @ J : The poor distraught princess Trace looked to the giant pile of charred bones that had been the princesses before her, as everyone knows, rape dragons climax in a burst of liquid fire.

[01:54:21 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : ...scary

[01:55:15 10/04/14] @ J : Princess Trace cried as she thought about her fate but before her life and virginity would be taken from her, Darc forced her to wear a maids outfit and ordered her to tidy his place up a bit.

[01:55:41 10/04/14] @ J : Princess Trace had no choice but to follow his orders.

[01:56:40 10/04/14] @ J : Down below, at the base of the mountain a brave knight, known throughout the land only as J was standing at the base of the mountain.

[01:58:14 10/04/14] @ J : This knight was know for her great moutain climbing deeds and she was determined to rescue her princess.

[01:58:29 10/04/14] @ Scotia : If I ever have a nightmare about rape dragons that climax liquid fire I'm blaming you.

[01:58:32 10/04/14] @ Scotia : XP

[01:58:48 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : same

[01:59:43 10/04/14] @ J : Sword in hand, J charged up the mountain. The higher she climbed the harder her ascent became.

[02:01:31 10/04/14] @ J : suddenly a giant tentacle monster, a minion of the rape dragon, emerged from the shadows and challenged the knight to a fight to the death. The first of four trials that gave the mountain it's reputation.

[02:01:53 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : better than a rape dragon

[02:02:24 10/04/14] @ J : The knight was confident she could succeed, even though this creature was ten times larger than herself.

[02:03:14 10/04/14] @ J : "I will accept your challange foul beast, and I will be victorious, for nothing will stop me from saving my princess from your dark master."

[02:03:59 10/04/14] @ J : With that she raised her sword and charged at the monster, letting out a hoarse war cry.

[02:04:46 10/04/14] @ J : The beast grabbed her easily with one of it's many tentacles and started squeezing her to death in its slimey grasp.

[02:05:56 10/04/14] @ J : The knight dropped her sword and began to feel lightheaded as her armor was collapsing in on her.

[02:06:53 10/04/14] @ J : Suddenly an arrow flew past the struggling knight and hit the monster in its weak point, the eyeball, for this monster was a rejected Zelda boss.

[02:07:20 10/04/14] @ Scotia : We don't know what's going on either.

[02:07:21 10/04/14] @ J : with a loud roar the monster collapsed and the knight retrieved her sword.

[02:07:30 10/04/14] * Scotia plops Kikren down in a story time chair

[02:08:36 10/04/14] @ J : She looked around for the source of the arrow but her rescuer remained hidden. "Thank you for saving me, whoever you are." The knight said before confidently cntinueing on her way.

[02:09:08 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : yay

[02:09:40 10/04/14] @ Scotia : Today I learned I'm a rejected Zelda boss.

[02:09:54 10/04/14] @ J : Princess Trace was cleaning as slowly as she could manage to try and prolong her life. Suddenly she could feel Darc's hot breath upon her neck as he began sniffing her hair.

[02:09:55 10/04/14] @ Scotia : Based on the fact that I'm weak to being shot in the eyeball with an arrow.

[02:11:15 10/04/14] @ J : "Your hair smells good." The rape dragon said huskily. "All of you smells good." and he licked her tears off her face with his dry, serpent like tongue.

[02:11:32 10/04/14] @ J : "Hurry with your chores so the fun can begin." He ordered.

[02:13:30 10/04/14] @ J : Meanwhile the knight had reached her second challange. She was faced with a wise sphinx who would tear her apart if she could not answer the riddle.

[02:13:35 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : err scotia i dont think you were the tentacle monster

[02:14:07 10/04/14] * Scotia shoots Floor in the eye with an arrow

[02:14:12 10/04/14] @ Scotia : Shut up and read, dammit.

[02:14:20 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : T_T OWOWOWOW

[02:14:31 10/04/14] @ J : "A cowboy rides into town on Friday and rides out again two days later on Friday. How does he do it?"

[02:14:39 10/04/14] @ Scotia : See, you're weak to being shot in the eye too.

[02:14:50 10/04/14] @ J : J was not a clever knight and she sat on a rock to ponder the question.

[02:15:15 10/04/14] @ J : Perhaps the cowboy was a time traveller?

[02:15:36 10/04/14] @ Scotia : The cowboy's watch was broken.

[02:15:59 10/04/14] @ J : She was about to give her answer when a voice carried on the wind said "The horses name was Friday."

[02:16:19 10/04/14] @ J : "This is the answer, you may pass." Said the sphinx.

[02:17:29 10/04/14] @ J : J looked around for the source of the voice but none could be found. "Thank you again, stranger." And she carried on, confident she could complete the next challange on her own.

[02:17:51 10/04/14] @ Kikren : .

[02:20:07 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : you can do it Knight J

[02:21:17 10/04/14] @ J : As princess Trace cleaned the windows she contemplated jumping out of them and sparing herself the pain of her fate with the rape dragon.

[02:22:21 10/04/14] @ Scotia : .

[02:22:35 10/04/14] @ J : Suddenly she felt a large smooth claw reach under her skirt and brush against her thigh. "I am getting impatient, princess." He whispered.

[02:23:18 10/04/14] @ Kikren : Wat

[02:23:26 10/04/14] @ J : Princess Trace trembled in fear, knowing she could not stall her fate much longer.

[02:25:26 10/04/14] @ J : J came to her third challange, a large chasm with a few narrow platforms to leap from one end to another. Down below were sharp rocks that she wouldsu rely impale herself on if she slipped.

[02:26:47 10/04/14] @ J : J, however, was confident she succeed.

[02:27:20 10/04/14] @ J : J jumped to the first platform easily, but the second platform was much farther away.

[02:27:54 10/04/14] @ J : She gave herself as much of a running start as she could manage on the narrow platform and failed miserably.

[02:28:27 10/04/14] @ J : suddenly a magic net appeared under her and saved her from impalement on the jagged rocks below.

[02:28:41 10/04/14] @ J : She was able to climb the net to the other side of the cavern.

[02:29:18 10/04/14] @ J : Looking around she could not see the source of the magic net but once again she called out, "My thanks to you stranger, whoever you are."

[02:29:50 10/04/14] @ J : She ran onward to her final challenge, surely she would soon rescue the princess.

[02:30:12 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : yay

[02:31:26 10/04/14] @ J : The final challange was on the bridge leading to the dragons castle.

[02:31:57 10/04/14] @ J : A reaper stood in the center of the bridge. "In order to pass you must pay the toll."

[02:33:02 10/04/14] @ J : J searched her pockets. "Money I have not good sir, but I shall pay you threefold in the riches I recieve for rescueing the princess."

[02:35:23 10/04/14] @ J : The skull grinned (if that's possible) "Moneyy I have no need for hero. The toll for this bridge is your very life."

[02:36:57 10/04/14] @ J : With that said he swung his scythe and sliced the knight in half. Out of the shadows came the stranger at that moment. A much more competent knight named Scotia.

[02:37:24 10/04/14] @ J : "In order to pass you must pay the toll." The reaper repeated.

[02:37:43 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : Noo poor J

[02:38:47 10/04/14] @ J : "The toll I have paid for I have led this life to you. I aided her in her battle against the tentacle beast, gave her the answer to the riddle of the sphinx, and gave her passage across the chasm. I am your hero, and this is my toll."

[02:39:01 10/04/14] @ J : The reaper allowed Scotia to pass.

[02:39:19 10/04/14] @ J : (Do you think she fell asleep? I sure hope this bedtime story worked)

[02:39:43 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : i hope so too

[02:40:14 10/04/14] @ J : Scotia walked across the rest of the bridge and into the castle where her final battle with the rape dragon awaited.

[02:41:57 10/04/14] @ J : "My princess I have come to rescue you from the evil rape dragon, Darc." Scotia announced as she marched into the throne room where the dragon had the princess cornered.

[02:43:02 10/04/14] @ J : "Who dares enter my castle and prolong my wait?" Darc roared as Scotia drew her sword and charged the dragon.

[02:43:56 10/04/14] @ J : The dragon opened his massive jaws and the Scotia went plummeting headfirst into the dragons mouth.

[02:44:48 10/04/14] @ J : The dragon turned to finally recieve his prize when suddenly the tip of the knights sword pierced through his throat.

[02:45:39 10/04/14] @ J : The sword swung through the dragon meat like a hot knife through butter.

[02:46:10 10/04/14] @ J : Then Knight Scotia climbed through the throat of the decapetated rape dragon.

[02:46:37 10/04/14] @ J : She took her princess in her arms and carried her down the mountain to return her to her kingdom.

[02:47:10 10/04/14] @ J : Knight Scotia was given an award in the form of a large sum of money and the princess's hand in marriage.

[02:47:39 10/04/14] @ J : Of course both Scotia and Princess Trace agreed that this was a perfect match.

[02:47:47 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : wooo

[02:47:50 10/04/14] @ J : And they lived happily ever after

[02:48:04 10/04/14] * J is the best at bedtime stories

[02:48:48 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : mhm

[02:48:53 10/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : \it needs toi be saved



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Demon Slayer (posted it to death)

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PostSubject: Re: I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.   Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:42 pm

I left her to die.
Then I fell asleep during her story.
I am the worst friend.
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PostSubject: Re: I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.   Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:04 pm

YAY! You did fall asleep! :D



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PostSubject: Re: I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.   Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:55 am

Now I told Aria a bedtime story.

[01:28:23] @ J : Four men are sitting on the flat rocky ground in the middle of the desert. They sit facing each other with their feet touching.

[01:28:50] @ J : as all of them are different lengths the shape their spread legs make is not quite a square.

[01:29:17] @ J : "One of these days I will leave this desert." The first man announces

[01:30:30] @ J : The third man blinks the sand from his eyes and smiles. "Troubled youth you know not what you say, no one will ever leave this desert. Not today, not any day." The second man nods in agreement and bites the gold wedding ring on his finger.

[01:30:57] @ J : no one ever asked the second man why he bites his wedding ring, they've all accepted his quirks.

[01:31:26] @ J : "Not only will you never leave this desert, you will never leave this square." says the fourth man.

[01:31:55] @ J : He strokes his long beard with the stump where a hand should be.

[01:32:28] @ J : "Is it a square?" asks the second man as he bites his wedding ring. "It looks more octagonal to me."

[01:33:31] @ J : "Yes," says the first man. "It isn't a traditional octagon though. It's not the kind you see when driving. This octagon has no orders to give you."

[01:33:45] @ AkaShika : .

[01:34:01] @ Aria : .

[01:34:43] @ Catgirl Florian : .

[01:34:43] @ J : "If it were ordering I'd ask it to order for me too. I am very hungry." Says the fourth man as sand trickles out of his long, shaggy beard.

[01:35:29] @ J : They watch as a violinist dances across the flat, hot surface of the desert, twirling and playing her instrument.

[01:36:07] @ J : "If the wind were only blowing in the right direction perhaps we could hear her play." Says the second man as he nervously bites his wedding ring.

[01:36:32] @ J : "I'm sure she wasn't very good anyhow." The third man says to comfort himself.

[01:37:02] @ J : "One of these days I will leave this desert." The first man says, no one pays him any mind.

[01:38:05] @ J : The sun starts to lower itself in the sky where it shines brightly into the eyes of the first man. "I could turn around." He says, "But if I did that what would our shape be?"

[01:38:46] @ J : "It wouldn't be a shape." says the third man, "You will have broken it."

[01:39:21] @ Aria : .

[01:40:24] @ J : The first man stays still, not wanting to be the one to break the shape. "The sun will sink down soon anyhow." He blinks. "Maybe I could fall asleep, but I fear I wont wake up again."

[01:41:33] @ J : "Everyone takes that risk when they sleep, you are better off awake." Says the second man, he accidentally bites his knuckle and flinches his mouth away from his hand.

[01:43:16] @ J : As it does every day, the sun sinks below the horizon and the moon chases after him but as always she was too late.

[01:43:48] @ AkaShika : I'm starting to wonder where this story's going...

[01:44:11] @ Aria : Hollywood probably

[01:44:15] @ J : (probably nowhere I'm making it up as I go)

[01:45:10] @ J : Night creatures started to climb out from their daytime hiding places and scuttle across the cool, sandy earth.

[01:46:10] @ J : the fourth man brushes a scorpion aside with his stump where a hand should be and the third man blinks the sand from his eyes.

[01:47:12] @ J : "It's good to know that even though days turn into night, nothing ever really changes." Says the third man peacefully.

[01:47:48] @ J : "One of these days I will leave this desert." The first man repeats himself.

[01:48:10] @ J : "That will be a change." The third man nods pensively.

[01:48:19] @ J : "You don't believe me?"

[01:48:28] @ J : "You've yet to do it."

[01:48:59] @ J : The second man bites on his wedding ring as his eyes dart between the third man and the first man.

[01:49:38] @ J : The first man stares boldly into the third mans stern, sandy eyes.

[01:50:22] @ J : He crosses his legs, breaking the shape but never breaking eye contact with the third man. Then he stands up.

[01:50:54] @ J : "I will turn around now, and I will walk." He says, "But you'll never really know if I made it out of this desert."

[01:51:06] @ J : he turns around and walks away.

[01:51:38] @ J : "Did you know," Says the second man, looking down at his ring. "I never did have a wife."

[01:52:11] @ J : The first man looks back only once to watch his companions turn to sand and scatter into the wind.

[01:53:07] @ J : (did it put everyone to sleep?)

[01:53:59] @ J : (yes?)

[01:54:23] @ J : (cool)



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PostSubject: Re: I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.   Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:46 am

Now it was Sis's turn for a bedtime story.

02:27:06 26/04/14] @ J : Once upon a time there were two sisters named Aka and J and they lived in a big house together.

[02:27:49 26/04/14] @ J : The sisters had a pet miniature unicorn living in their bathtub and they'd take him out to the backyard and play with him every day.

[02:28:30 26/04/14] @ Kikren : :I

[02:28:51 26/04/14] @ AkaShika : .

[02:28:58 26/04/14] @ J : The magical unicorn's name was Dessopy and he really really liked playing hide and seek.

[02:29:23 26/04/14] @ J : but one day Dessopy didn't want to go outside and play hide and seek with the sisters.

[02:29:53 26/04/14] @ J : So they called the magical unicorn doctor and had him come look at Dessopy.

[02:30:29 26/04/14] @ J : "Dessopy is very sick and probably dying and I can't fix it." The unicorn doctor announced.

[02:30:44 26/04/14] @ AkaShika : =[

[02:30:48 26/04/14] @ J : J started to cry.

[02:31:11 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : aww

[02:31:52 26/04/14] @ J : Then the unicorn doctor continued. "The only cure I know for this unicorn disease is the bark from the root of a magical tree that only grows in a place very far away from here."

[02:32:57 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : yay quest get

[02:33:57 26/04/14] @ J : To get to that place the sisters had to cross through the Winter Desert. climb over the Mountains of Increadibly Pointy Rocks, and sneak through the walled city of Opphall.

[02:34:48 26/04/14] @ J : Aka took J's hand and told her younger sister everything was going to be okay, and that they would save Dessopy together.

[02:35:06 26/04/14] @ J : J nodded and the sisters started packing for their journey.

[02:37:58 26/04/14] @ J : J brought; climbing rope, a box of matches, a large water pouch, thermal sleeping bags and a hand-crank powered lamp.

[02:38:16 26/04/14] @ AkaShika : .

[02:40:09 26/04/14] @ J : Aka brought with her; boots, balled up newspapers, pillows, gloves and coats.

[02:40:44 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : newapers?

[02:40:58 26/04/14] @ AkaShika : To start fires

[02:41:04 26/04/14] @ J : They each hugged Dessopy and left him with plenty of food, water and tissues close to the bathtub so he wouldn't have to go very far.

[02:41:39 26/04/14] @ J : Dessopy told the sisters that he loved them very much and that he couldn't wait for them to get back from their trip.

[02:41:56 26/04/14] @ J : J and Aka waved goodbye and headed out on their quest.

[02:43:08 26/04/14] @ J : Lucky for them the borders of the Winter Desert was part of their local public transit route and they were able to take the city bus to the edge of the frozen wasteland.

[02:43:58 26/04/14] @ J : They both stood for a moment with their toes peeking just over the edge of the border.

[02:44:52 26/04/14] @ J : Aka reached her hand past the line that serperated the bus stop from the desert.

[02:45:54 26/04/14] @ J : She could feel the cold air and watch the hair on her arms stand straight up and she pulled her arm back out. "We'll need these." She said and she handed J one of the coats and a pair of gloves.

[02:46:25 26/04/14] @ J : "Put on your boots too, that snow looks deep." She instructed like a caring older sister.

[02:47:30 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : chilly

[02:47:39 26/04/14] @ J : Once they were both dressed as warmly as they had packed for they stepped away from the warm summer weather and into the winter desert.

[02:48:46 26/04/14] @ J : The frigid temperature was just below -20F and J started to have flashbacks of a traumatizing winter she'd only recently experienced.

[02:49:34 26/04/14] @ J : The sisters held each other close to try and keep warm as they marched on, remembering their quest would save Dessopy.

[02:50:17 26/04/14] @ J : The Winter Desert was cold, but it was also very dry and the sisters soon found themselves very thirsty.

[02:51:17 26/04/14] @ J : Unfortunately the water in J's pouch had frozen solid and the sisters were unable to drink it.

[02:52:52 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : nuu

[02:54:01 26/04/14] @ J : Suddenly a giant, angry polar bear came running up to them to attack. He was angry because these two girls hadn't asked permission to walk around on his land.

[02:55:00 26/04/14] @ J : when the bear stood up on his hind legs he was way taller than either of the sisters in it was clear he was going to lunge at them and swipe them with his big claws.

[02:55:49 26/04/14] @ J : J had the idea before he came down to swing her solid block of ice pouch at the polar bears knees.

[02:56:43 26/04/14] @ J : The sound of solid ice meeting polar bear leg made a sickening crunch and the bear fell over and roared in pain.

[02:57:53 26/04/14] @ J : He held his knee and started crying. "What did you do that for?" He asked. "I think you've broken my leg." he whimpered in pain and tried walking but his hurt leg dragged behind him like a useless stump.

[02:57:54 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : outch

[02:58:54 26/04/14] @ J : "I'm so sorry mister polar bear but you were going to kill us and that isn't very nice either." J put her hands on her hips and scolded the bear.

[02:59:44 26/04/14] @ Kikren : .

[03:00:18 26/04/14] @ J : (I bet she fell asleep, I hope she fell asleep)

[03:01:02 26/04/14] @ J : Aka nodded in agreement. "Yeah we didn't do anything to you before you ran up to attack us."

[03:01:42 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : :3

[03:03:53 26/04/14] @ J : The sisters did feel sorry for the poor polar bear however and they decided to try setting his leg. Aka took the pillowcase off of one of the pillows she'd packed and wrapped it around the bears leg but the sisters had nothing to use as a splint. The weren't sure how to help the bear.

[03:04:25 26/04/14] @ J : "I've got it!" both sisters said at the same time.

[03:05:01 26/04/14] @ J : The polar bear could come with them to the healing tree and then his leg would be good as new.

[03:06:42 26/04/14] @ J : The polar bear agreed that this was a great idea and told them his name was Grrowrr, which means Karl in polar bear tongue.

[03:07:41 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : hahaha

[03:08:23 26/04/14] @ J : So Aka, J and Grrowrr walked through the Winter Desert together until night time where they set up camp in a cave to shelter themselves from the frigid winds.

[03:09:14 26/04/14] @ J : Little did the sisters know, but without the warmth of Grrowrr's polar bear fur to snuggle into they would have frozen to death that first night.

[03:09:45 26/04/14] @ Kikren : Fuck Grrowrr

[03:10:41 26/04/14] @ J : After two more days of walking the sisters and Grrowrr came to the edge of the Winter Desert.

[03:11:38 26/04/14] @ J : "I've never left this place." Grrowrr said as he stood apprehensively on the border of the Winter Desert just as the sisters had done on the first day of their journey.

[03:12:21 26/04/14] @ J : "You have friends with you." J said as she placed a hand on his side.

[03:12:40 26/04/14] @ J : "Yeah." Aka chimed in, "That makes it less scary right?"

[03:14:37 26/04/14] @ J : So sisters and polar bear all three stepped out of the Winter Desert together and looked up at their next challenge, the Mountains of Increadibly Pointy Rocks.
[03:15:44 26/04/14] @ J : True to its name the mountain range featured not a rounded rock in sight.

[03:17:10 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : lol

[03:17:23 26/04/14] @ J : Aka poked her finger on one and started to bleed so she placed her finger in her mouth to sooth the pain.

[03:18:38 26/04/14] @ J : "We'd better be careful through here." Grrowrr said. "Stick close to me to avoid getting cut on the rocks."

[03:19:25 26/04/14] @ J : The girls stood on either side of Grrowrr and leaned in close to his soft body.

[03:20:29 26/04/14] @ J : As pointy as the moutains were the narrow trail that led through them was very straightforward and they had passed through it entirely in just a day.

[03:21:38 26/04/14] @ J : The only problem now was how they were going to sneak a polar bear through the city on Opphall.

[03:22:24 26/04/14] @ J : J suggested throwing her sleeping bags over him but Aka pointed out that would probably make him stand out more.

[03:23:12 26/04/14] @ J : Aka suggested they try riding him to see if they coud fool everyone into thinking he was a horse but J pointed out that his leg was still broken and they probably shouldn't ride him."

[03:24:17 26/04/14] @ J : "Go on without me." Grrowrr suggested. "You have to save your unicorn"

[03:24:55 26/04/14] @ J : "We can't leave you behind so far away from home with a broken leg!" The sisters protested, "Not after you've come with us all this way.

[03:25:20 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : poor thing

[03:25:48 26/04/14] @ J : "I'll only slow you down." Grrowrr moaned, "Or worse, get you caught."

[03:26:40 26/04/14] @ J : "I've got it!" Aka exclaimed, "We'll sneak through the city's underground waterways."

[03:26:55 26/04/14] @ J : "What a great idea!" J agreed.

[03:27:26 26/04/14] @ J : "You have to come with us Grrowrr." The sisters insisted.

[03:28:10 26/04/14] @ J : So under the cover of night the sisters and the polar bear snuck into the underground waterways of Opphall.

[03:29:11 26/04/14] @ J : Underneath the city was built like a giant maze, wide avenues of water running out of the city were met by many smaller, twisting streets.

[03:30:33 26/04/14] @ J : The smell of the dirty water of thousands of people was overpowering and the creepy sounds of dark, underground creatures was met with the continuous thundering echo of running water.

[03:31:04 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : eww

[03:31:12 26/04/14] @ J : J used her hand crank lantern to light their way and when her arm got tired Aka would take her turn holding the lantern.

[03:31:55 26/04/14] @ J : When the lantern would dim from the slowing of the crank creepy shadows would leap up and flicker around the group.

[03:32:55 26/04/14] @ J : J was scared of the darkness and Aka didn't like the loud noise but the group stayed together and soon they came to a new opening.

[03:33:42 26/04/14] @ J : The innermost wall of the city of Opphell held the royal gardens where the healing tree could be found.

[03:34:50 26/04/14] @ J : In the moonlight the garden sparkled with the light of hundreds of fireflies and the glow of night blooming flowers.

[03:37:01 26/04/14] @ J : in the middle of this midnight splendor stood the massive tree of healing, it's strong branches were thickly covered in beautiful green leaves and fireflies had woven their way through those branches, enhancing the beauty that came with the already magical properties of the tree itself.

[03:37:41 26/04/14] @ J : The sisters and the polar bear stared in awe at the magnificent tree.

[03:38:22 26/04/14] @ J : They took two pieces of bark from the exposed roots. One for Grrowrr, one for Dessory.

[03:39:04 26/04/14] @ J : Grrowrr ate the piece of bark that was given to him.

[03:39:25 26/04/14] @ J : All at once his leg was as good as new.

[03:40:15 26/04/14] @ J : With the newfound energy given to him by the tree he carried both girls on his back as quickly as he could all the way home.

[03:41:09 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : wooo

[03:41:25 26/04/14] @ J : Dessory lay dying in the bathtub where the girls had left him and they handed him the piece of bark to eat.

[03:42:07 26/04/14] @ J : Poor Dessory was almost too weak to chew and he only managed feebly to get a small amount down.

[03:42:25 26/04/14] @ J : Thanks to the magic of the tree though a small amount is plenty.

[03:42:46 26/04/14] @ J : Dessory sprang up again full of life and playfulness.

[03:43:06 26/04/14] @ J : Aka, J, Dessory, and Grrowrr all lived happily ever after.

[03:43:42 26/04/14] @ Catgirl Florian : :3 good story



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PostSubject: Re: I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.   Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:11 pm

I did indeed fall asleep, for a couple of hours at least.

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I told Scotia a Bedtime Story.
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